Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu immerses her spectators into all facets of interactivity.

Her elected themes investigate perception mechanisms, digital dimensions and technologies, media and broadcasting issues, surveillance society and society paradigm shifts generated from new technologies. The works were exhibited in The Netherlands, USA, Italy, Romania, Denmark, and Israel.

Professional visual artist, Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu received MFA in visual arts from Bucharest Fine Arts University in paralel with MS in Computer and Automated Sciences from Bucharest Polytechnics University. She has completed her art researches at Copehagen University at Film and Media Studies department.

Born in Romania, the artist is currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Contact: artist [at] ruxandradumitriu [dot] com

Selected works:

Surveillance society project

The project investigates remote digital surveillance with all its cultural, social and personal paradigm changes. Surveillance society was presented in Joshua Meyrowitz conferences "Life in an Age of Digital Transparencies: Surveillance, Sousveillance, and Peerveillance" at University of New Hampshire, USA 2010, Penn State University USA 2011 and Haifa University, Israel 2011.

Braincap - Think Interactivity

Braincap investigates digital dimensions and technologies, transposing classic design technics into the digital medium to understand the paradigm shifts. The project was awarded in 2008 and 2009 for its innovative conceptual proposition.

Listen to the Music

Listen to the Music investigates what remains in communication after all intelligible characteristics of a particular content or style of communication have been eliminated - the blind equivalence of content between two different media.


Wrap yourself in intimacy of random connections. Selected photography:
Amsterdam's Lights Portraits Distances London state of mind London closeness

Postmodern archaeology

In an era when technologies from only 10 years ago are impossible to recreate, Postmodern Archaeology looks at color rendering and printing techniques of the early 90's. Ironical interpretation on time scales. Coming soon.


Created as a parallel to The Responsive Eye - MoMA,1965 - THE PERCEPTiVE i is an art exploration into perception and the visual processes that occur in the human mind.
Though it seems that the EYE is seeing, it is the I doing the reconstruction. We are able to appreciate fauvism, drawing, linotypes since we already create these images in our minds every millisecond while artists are able to perform their visual artworks because they have stronger connections and understanding of their inner perceptive processe.

The artwork was exhibited at the Packhuis de Zwijger in April 2011 and featured at 2012 IMPRO AMSTERDAM Festival.

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