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Inner World - Kiss 2018


—  Intervention on Photography, 2018

Intervention on Photography

Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu immerses her spectators into the calm and soothing depths of the inner world. In her intervention on photography body of work, serene paintings are the place of encounter between the inner and the outer world. Reality is the first layer, and with it, emotions, memories, ideas and intuition come to life inside, completing and transcending the moment. 

Group Exhibition Skies of Fruitful Nights @Artplex Gallery, LA

Dec 10th 2022 - Jan 20th 2023

It is my pleasure to invite you to my next group exhibition Skies of Fruitful Nights @Artplex Gallery in sunny Los Angeles. The exhibition presents works of the INNER WORLD series that delight the eyes and captivate the hearts of the viewers who are whisked away by these wondrous works. // Opening Reception, Saturday December 10th 4pm-6pm

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